Here are some common questions about Tolman UniverCity.


How long does it take to complete the course?

It’s up to you.  If you can study full time without having work or other time-consuming commitments, you might get through it in 3 – 4 months, but there’s no hurry.  Better to take your time and fully absorb the information than to race through it and not get the full benefits of the wisdom provided.  Studying part-time will obviously take longer and completing it will depend on how much time you commit.

Where are classes held?

It’s all online so you can study in your own home, library, café or wherever you feel most comfortable and can focus your full attention on the material being presented.

What do I need?

A computer and an internet connection.  At times you will want a printer as well.

What ‘Certification’ do you receive?

You will receive certificates of completion at the end of each of the three levels, plus upon completion of curriculum 11 you will qualify as a Tolman UniverCity In-Home Health Inspector.

Upon successful completion of all 13 required curriculums, you will be certified as a Tolman UniverCity Whole Food Medicine Practitioner and In-Home Health Inspector to advise, teach and assist others in disease prevention and control using food and the Tolman UniverCity Principles of Health as medicine.

Can I download and listen & learn while driving?

It won’t work, sorry.  There are videos, audios, text, activities to perform and quizzes to answer – you’ll need your full attention on a computer screen most of the time.

Can I use my mobile phone to study?

It may be possible, but not ideal.  It’s much better to use a computer or laptop with a larger screen.

What It’s Not?

This is not a government or pharmaceutical funded organisation and is not an ‘accredited’ or ‘licensed’ course of training, written or even recognised by so-called ‘authorities’.   I don’t believe in ‘credentials’ that result from those types of formal ‘institutions’.


I personally claim no credentials whatsoever, I simply go by observational experience and results as a path of life, health and longevity.  Health is not a war that needs to be fought.