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Tolman UniverCity is a self-paced, interactive online learning experience.
It is your ultimate health resource; a portal for the profound wisdom of the ancients, your ancestors, and their limitless vitality and longevity brought to you by world renowned ‘Whole Food Medicine Man’, Cowboy Don Tolman.


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Heal-THY Self

I’m often asked about the way I look, “How on earth can a dude with a cowboy hat and silly mustache – and not dressed in a white suit – be leading a health revolution?  Don, what are you about?”

For decades I’ve been about helping people to understand the power of self care and self education – taking care of one’s self.  And when you have good reasons for having a point of view that flies directly in the face of the establishment, you become a little rebellious.

“If George Carlin and Albert Einstein had a son, it would be Don Tolman.”

Earl Nightingale


Profound Secrets Exposed

Learn the 7 Ancient Secrets of Health that have been hidden from you.

Wisdom Revealed

Mind Blowing Wisdom that you never knew existed – until now.

True Self Mastery

Discover how miraculous you really are when you apply the Principles of Health.

Eliminate Disease

Once you realise you caused it, you can un-cause it and live in a state of health.

Heal-Thy Self

How to target and support your autogenic self-healing system. 

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Discover which foods target the various body systems for healing and repair.

The Mystery Solved

What is Dis-Ease and where does it come from?  The mystery is solved.

Learn and Share

Probably the wisest investment you’ll ever make, and you can share it.


Life, Health, Vitality, Longevity

Without your health, nothing else really matters, does it?

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Everything I put in this course is simply my opinion, and if you do anything I recommend without the supervision of a licensed medical doctor, you do so at your own risk.  The publisher, the author, the editor, distributors and affiliates present this information for entertainment and educational purposes only.  I am not making an attempt to prescribe any medicinal treatment, since under the laws of the United States and elsewhere, only a licensed medical doctor (an MD) may do that.

It is only in my opinion, that clean air, clean water, sunshine, walking, whole foods, healthy relationships and a passion for life are healthy for you.  I agree that some people find fresh oranges, crisp apples and summer watermelon hideously scary, while at the same time, doughnut shops, soda pops, synthetic sweeteners and fast food restaurants are the ultimate ‘Disneyland of great nutrition.’  Even doctors who believe this are simply expressing their opinions.

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